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Hang-Up Sticks

Price: $7.75
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A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: Hang-Up Stick is simply a new name for the oldest hook known... just a cut-off branch. Every cabin in colonial America used them for anything that was hung; from cups and coats to muskets and mittens. They were an essential part of the home. Now your homestead, whether high in the hills or a 5th Avenue penthouse, can share the legacy.

WHO MAKES THEM? They're made up on Davis Hill in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Each hang-up stick is a little slice of wood cut from behind a small branch of a birch tree or other hardwood. The branch is trimmed and then everything is coated with a clear lacquer finish. Considering how much work goes into making one, the price is quite reasonable. Hang-Up Sticks will hold a good burden (20 pounds maximum). Just be sure the nail goes into a stud or other wood member.

FOR EVERY 4 YOU BUY YOU GET ONE FREE: When ordering, just enter the quantity you are paying for. We'll automatically include any FREE Hang-Up Sticks with your shipment.

SIZES: Each Hang-Up Stick is a miniature work of art; unique and one-of-a kind. Sizes vary and generally run from 3-1/2" to 6" long and from 3/4" to 1-1/2" inch wide. If you purchase more than one we'll hand pick your hooks so that there is some uniformity in sizes. But keep in mind that their varying dimensions is part of their beauty and charm.

IN-STOCK/FAST DELIVERY. We always have plenty in-stock and orders placed today will be at your door in about a week. 

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